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Crook & Jones was established by Geoff Crook and Peter Jones to provide a collaborative platform for the exploration of their common interest in challenging and extending conventional definitions of form and function.


Focusing primarily on the arena of domesticity Crook & Jones create a range of objects, interfaces and environments that deliberately question, stretch and subvert notions of use in order, to provide new opportunities for habitation and application.


Crook & Jones combine materials and process in ways that encourage multisensory engagement and extend opportunities for user experiences.


Utilising play, metaphor, organic process, irony, chance, serendipity, synergy, aura, multisensory participation and thinking by doing Crook & Jones aspire to enable audiences to become participants in the construction of meaning.


Ultimately Crook & Jones aim to extend the definition of art into art that works to encourage a form of function that is forever open and evolutionary.